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GO! Grants

applications now closed for 2018


That's what PROVE Lab is about. Now we want to encourage all kinds of inventive ideas - on anything related to vehicles, mobility, and transportation (including space!)- from all kinds of students at Cal Poly. 

We want to hear ideas with startup potential - from students who want to take that next step and find out if it can really turn into something. 

But we are interested in hardware, and hardware takes funding to get started. 

That's why you're here.

Here's how it works

1. We want to hear from student teams. 
2. We will give you up to $500 to start on a prototype or get out there and talk to customers to figure out the potential market. There's only one string attached - you have to connect with at least one of Cal Poly's Innovation and Entrepreneurship programs that can help you develop you entrepreneurial skills. 
3. Once you've joined The Hatchery, or made your Elevator Pitch, or started prepping for Innovation Quest, we'll give you up to another $500 to keep moving. 
4. You'll be able to use PROVE Lab facilities, hardware, materials and equipment, as well as access a large network of sponsors and industry contacts. You'll get additional mentoring. You'll get an extra push when you need it. 
5. By the end of the year, either you're on your way into the HotHouse and things are about to lift off, or your idea or team wasn't quite the one... this time! (Now for your next idea...)

How many Go! Grants are you expecting to make?

In 2017 we expect to fund about 4 or 5 teams to get started!

I don't have a team, what can I do?

We define a team as being at least 2 people. We strongly suggest going to Cal Poly Entrepreneurs (free to join!) and talking with lots of people, or attending something like Startup Weekend to meet motivated people who you might be able to work with.  

I don't have an idea, what can I do?

If you want to get all entrepreneurial but you're not sure what you want to work on, we strongly suggest going to Cal Poly Entrepreneurs (free to join!) and talking with lots of people, or attending something like Startup Weekend. You'll meet someone that has a cool idea, and suddenly you're onto something. 

Do I have to be a "member" of PROVE Lab to apply?

Not at all. We're just here to help with industry connections, technical resources, our lab equipment and facilities, small hardware, materials, advice, 3d printers galore... whatever we can do to help you get your idea in motion.

How do I apply?

We'll accept applications through this site from Oct 16 until just after Startup Weekend, November 16.

When would I know?

Within 1 week after applications close, so you can get moving as soon as possible!

What are you looking for? I don't know if my idea fits your program.

We are open to pretty much any idea that has any connection to transportation, vehicles, mobility... and that includes SPACE! We'd also be interested in related things like new ways to manufacture or design stuff for those industries. We are not looking to fund app development, that's our only condition. Don't worry if your idea is really "out there", we like big thinking! But we will want to see that you've done some preliminary research so that you're not inventing something that's already in the marketplace or defying the laws of physics. Mostly, if it has something to do with something that moves, we'll be excited to hear about it.  

What are your selection criteria?

We'll post information on that soon, but it'll be a short written pitch - no matter what your idea though, we're really looking for enthusiasm and motivation from you and your team!


Applications are closed for 2018... check back in fall for 2019 details!