Our Business Team coordinates and produces all the necessary materials to advance the club image and projects. Working with students, sponsors, and community members, the team equips the club with the right tools to grow. The Business Team works alongside the General Team, and is expected to participate at the same capacity and maintain a basic understanding of the project goals and timeline. 


Business team responsibilities are structured in three interdependent groups with corresponding Leads: Events and Logistics, Media and Marketing, and Partnerships and Finance.


The club runs as a pseudo-startup: members are expected to work with considerable autonomy to reach team goals. The club structure provides members insight into the experiences of a real career setting, as Business Team members work to support a club image which functions beyond the bounds of just Business or Design.

Events and


The Events and Logistics team organizes social and professional events, increasing member and community engagement.


Members collaborate with alumni, industry members, and other clubs to diversify student learning and networking.

Events and Logistics Coordinator

Camille Garlick

Media and


The Media and Marketing team develops and maintains the club's "brand," focusing on photography, videography, social media, website development, graphic design, apparel, blog posts, and more. 

Members apply their diverse skillset in creative ways, ensuring effective communication of the club identity.

Media and Marketing Coordinator

Sara Entezar


and Finance

The Partnerships and Finances team leads sponsorship outreach and manages club finances, working with both local and non-local businesses to provide funds for the projects.


Members gain networking and organizational skills as they strategically meet the club's financial objectives. 

Partnerships and Finance Coordinator

Kellen Barsley


Cal Poly College of Engineering

1 Grand Ave. San Luis Obispo, CA 93407