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April 7th 2018

Here you have it, one solar-powered land speed record challenger and one Lacey Davis ready to drive it. Cal Poly PROVE Lab unveiled "Dawn" on Saturday night to a crowd of family, supporters, alums and more at Empirical System Aerospace Inc in SLO to great fanfare - an amazing effort by dozens of students over the last 2.5 years, now we're ready for testing before world record runs in June 2018 and we couldn't be more excited!!

PROVE Lab's solar record mission is proudly supported by

Solar Car

No vehicle has ever been specifically designed from scratch to break this record. Our vehicle has to be lighter, leaner, and more powerful than previous record holders which were designed for solar racing competitions, compromised by pesky rules and regulations - limitations. We're free of the box. This will be one of the most efficient road vehicles ever made.

The goal - 65mph using ONLY solar power. No Engine, no batteries, just 100% renewable energy from the sun.

The venue - Mojave Desert, June 2018


Bio Sub

This biomimetic human-powered submarine is designed to mimic the motion of nature's fastest swimmers. BioSub will be driven by Cullen Goss, a masters Mechanical Engineering student and triathlete. 


Our target? First place at the International Submarine Race held at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Maryland, June 24th - 28th, 2019.  


Endurance Car

PROVE Lab's Endurance Car Project is developing a fully electric long-range sports car that will drive 1000+ miles on a single charge, aiming to break the Guinness World Record for the longest distance traveled on a single charge. The team's goal is to design, manufacture, integrate and test the fully functional vehicle by summer of 2020.  The current record is 999.5 miles with an average speed of 23 mph; our vehicle will drive at a more practical speed of 60 mph.  

We are innovating electric vehicle technology, and helping cure range anxiety!

By involving the generation that will follow our current one at Cal Poly, and by generating excitement about alternative energy vehicles by providing explanation and connection, PROVE Lab will occupy an inspirational position in the positive movement towards a sustainable, clean energy future. With a nationwide community of supporters who are learning, helping, and backing us up, we'll be able to foster significant, exciting change.


Supported by a grant from the American Honda Foundation, we're developing a mentored, project-based program for middle schools. The 2016/17 PROVE Lab World Record Challenge saw under-represented and minority-background students involved in 3d-printing, computer aided design, sensing and control, aerodynamics and energy efficiency... with a world record of their own to break for a mini version of the full-scale solar car! New for 2018 we're working with Los Osos Middle School to involve students in building parts for the actual car!

How is America going to stay at the forefront of science and technology in the 21st century? Momentum alone isn't going to be enough. We need new talent. And we need a society that's scientifically literate if we're going to seriously address the major challenges we face in transportation, energy, economics and climate.


Inclusive, surprising, inspirational projects get people of all ages excited about science and engineering. Everyone wants to know about the cars of the future. Enter PROVE Lab.

If your school would like to book a trip to PROVE Lab, just let us know and we'll help organize it!


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